#2 – DeedGrabbing

Optionally, you can begin pursuing tax-delinquent property from the moment it shows up on the tax-delinquent rolls.

That’s essentially what DeedMining is – and if you make even a minimal marketing effort to properties which are early in tax delinquency, you’ll be among the first to identify problem properties that are kicking back returned mail or prove to be abandoned – your best prospects.


Even if you haven’t been tracking properties in your area since they became delinquent, you’re still in great shape to make some unbelievable deals on the properties that are about to be lost to tax sale.

Yes, you probably missed out on some easy deals along the way – but the best are yet to come.

The first step is to determine the date that owners will lose their properties permanently if taxes aren’t paid.

In tax deed states, that is usually the date of the tax deed sale, which is well publicized.

In tax lien states, it is the date of the tax lien sale PLUS the allowed redemption period which ranges from 120 days to years.

A Targeted List

We now have a targeted list of owners who are about to lose their property to taxes very soon. All we do at this point is to try to get in contact with each and every owner and see if they would like to get a token payment for their property.

We are almost never talking about people losing their homes – we’re talking about people with extra unwanted properties, or properties they just have to divest of.

We make an honest offer for very little money (usually under $200 for the deed) and the owner can take it or leave it.

They often take it, because the alternative is 0.

Are we buying nice pretty houses like you see on TV for a token payment? Almost never.

Are we buying run-down rentals that need a lot of work, sometimes in marginal neighborhoods? Yeah.

When you pay a couple hundred bucks, you generally have a lot of wiggle room on resale price, AND your maximum exposure is: a couple hundred bucks.

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