#1 – Deed Mining

Our first opportunity comes the moment a property becomes tax delinquent. We’ll typically find thousands of properties on an overall tax delinquent list when we get started in an average-to-midsize county.

This really isn’t a manageable number to work with – but we can quickly starting hacking down the list by:

  • Eliminating properties that are assessed very low – junk land for example.
  • Starting with out-of-town owners if our list is still too big
  • Sending inexpensive postcards to owners and saving our returned mail
  • Eliminating those who pay their taxes by checking with the county once in a while.

We’ll get some calls and even occasional deals just by sending out a “we buy property” postcard to a few dozen of the remaining properties each week. The real purpose of that card is to sniff out abandoned property or owners with bad addresses – but the calls we get from it are welcome too!

The Returned Mail

When those cards come back to us each day, they tell us “here are more owners who don’t even care to update their address with the county when they move”. Sure, it can be an oversight, but just as likely it’s a sign of an indifferent owner.

By taking these initial steps, we’ll get to know several property owners that either want to act on their property now, or will want to act on it soon.

In short, Deed Mining identifies some “low-hanging fruit” – owners who are ready to work with us now even without a deadline at hand.

Building for Later

Deed Mining also gives us important intelligence we’ll use in later steps. We don’t expect to make a killing offering to buy homes that are one payment late in taxes – but every home that gets lost to tax foreclosure was once one payment late.

So we take the deals that come to us easily, build rapport with sellers we may do business with soon, and learn about the houses that are starting to approach their final fate – tax foreclosure.

That’s where DeedGrabbing comes in.

To Your Success,

Rick Dawson
The DeedGrabber

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